21 Days To A Workable Life


“The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing their inner attitudes of life that workstheir minds, can change the other aspects of their lives.”– William James.

More than any time in human history, numerous approaches, new and old, are pointing toward finally tapping into our true human potential. Many of these are well-known like; PMA (positive mental attitude), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), quantum physics, shamanism and Law of Attraction. Others are so obscure that I’ll simply leave them alone.

I’m sure if you’re like me you probably tried one or more of these processes. If your results were like mine, some of them worked…sometimes, and others…well let’s just say that the material can now be found on e-Bay.

It was these unpredictable results that kept me searching even further for the real source of lasting change. I knew I was part way there, I just needed to find a few missing pieces. I wanted to experience consistent results. I needed to know the difference that made the difference between an occasional and temporary change and deep, lasting transformation.

Let’s face it; everyone has attempted to change their life, mind or thinking at one time or another. Let me ask you, when was the last time you successfully tried to stop your negative thinking, quite a bad habit or change a nagging and painful feeling?

Whether it was lack of motivation, a short temper, a feeling of isolation, or simply a desire for more success, at one time or another, we all wish we were different, we all wish we had a workable life.

We’ve heard so much these days about abundance, personal success, Law of Attraction and The Secret, but many of us simply just want a workable life…then we’ll move on to the yacht’s, planes and Spanish villa’s. We can all agree that at some level though we want change and change for the better, right?

You may have made a conscious decision to change. You backed it up in writing, you told a few close friends about it and you repeated affirmations daily. You probably picked up some books and audio’s on the subject, maybe even attended a few seminars. Then a few months later, there you where, right back where you started…or worse!

If you’ve every experienced anything like this, that despite your good intentions and real desires to be different, or you find yourself still stuck in your old habits then this program is for you!

You see, any really effective method of change will have to include your three brains. You have a thinking brain, a doing brain and a being brain. If all three of these brains are not included in the process your results will be inconsistent.

When I think about all the books on creating a workable life, I realized that many of us are still looking for approaches that are grounded in sound scientific evidence, methods that truly work. New research into the brain and body, mind and consciousness, as well as a quantum leap in our understanding of physics, is offering realistic possibilities on how to move toward what we want and to know our real potential.

21-Days to Creating a Workable Life” is a creation of my passion to empower people by demystifying the mystical so that each and every person understands that what they want is within their reach. All that need to do is make some very specifics shifts in their mind and body.

I think most of us are tired of “knowing” and now we want to “know how to.” We want to know how we can apply and personalize both recent scientific concepts and age-old wisdom, to create a workable, successful and more enriched life.

When you can connect the dots of what science is discovering about the nature of reality, and give yourself permission to apply these principles in your daily life, then you not only become the scientist in your life, but the mystic and sage as well.

The information in this course is to inspire you to prove to yourself that you are a divine creature and capable of some much more than you think!

You see, if you only have one way to do something, you’re a robot. If you have two ways to do something, you’re in the dilemma. You need at least three ways to do something before you have real flexibility and lasting results. To really have a choice, you need a least three ways to do anything.

Once you have completed the program, you can return to the sessions that you found most useful and appreciated the most, and then repeat them for greater benefit. Or you may want to return to the days that appeared to offer you little; this might be where you still have much more to do gain by repeating them. You can also simply repeat the entire program from the beginning.

Do any of these as often as you like or until your goals are reached we have learned everything is program has to offer, and that is how to create a workable life.

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