"Mental Strength"
Mental Training Skills to Develop Courage, Confidence and Commitment

Leading Peak Performance Coach Gregg Swanson Describes Exactly How to Use The Power Of Your Mind to Propel Yourself to the Personal Success and Powerful Existence You Truly Desire!

This e-book explains how you can develop the mental strength of a warrior to achieve more than you thought possible! Thee formats available! - pdf, mobi and ePub

Just Some Of What You’ll Learn:

  • Mental Strength Basics – How to develop UNSTOPPABLE mental strength for personal success.
  • Affirmations – Discover their true power which is far more than just self-talk!
  • Visualization - Why you are failing in this area, and how to perform this powerful technique with absolute certainty to receive flawless result every time.
  • Acknowledging – Why be thankful and grateful turns you into a Law of Attraction magnet! But there is a certain way you MUST acknowledge with gratitude to achieve your dreams!
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  • A man of true wisdom. Every successful team needs a man of Gregg’s caliber. A “We must have him” type of man.”

     A. Lane

    Author, Leadership Coach
  • Without the right mindset, your goals will always feel like they are out of reach. Gregg’s Warrior Mindset will help you reach your goals!”

    Shari Fitness

    Owner - ShariFitness.com
  • Gregg knows the keys to a good life. Only one that has walked the path can lead others properly. He can. He cares..

    L. Travathan

  • “Gregg simply knows how to take people beyond their greatest fears. He’s a warrior and I’m glad we have met! Thank you!”

    L. Proschinger

  • The tools, tips, exercises all stretch you to that next level! I learned things that I will use today in business as well as my personal life! This was more than a class it was shift to the new me! Thanks Gregg!.”

    D, Everett


Gregg Swanson

About the Author

Gregg Swanson is a leading mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strength expert. Gregg specializes in driven individuals including, athletes, executives, business owners, health and fitness experts and sales professionals.

Gregg has developed a unique and powerful approach to his mental strength training by aligning a person’s body, mind and spirit so that they can live a life of power, purpose and passion.

He has authored several books and over 500 articles on the subjects of self-mastery, human potential and peak performance.

Throughout his life, Gregg has studied and been exposed to a wide diversity of teachings and teachers – from his business education at university and the schools of the corporate world, to extreme sports, martial arts, mountaineering and rock climbing, to the ancient teachings of the Mystery Schools.