Create a Life Full of Power, Purpose and Passion with Perseverance

power purpose passionThis is about accessing your innate human potential.  The best way to get this done is through self-development and personal growth…stretching yourself and moving out of your comfort zone.

Cultivating your unique human potential is about tapping into that extraordinary potential that lies deep within in you. When you create a specific and consciousness personal development plan you are well on your way to living an extraordinary life!

The objective of The Warrior Mind Store (the blog and coaching) is to help you create a personal development plan that will exceed your wildest dreams.  If you already have a plan, that great! We’ll provide the support necessary for you to see it through.  In either case we want to assist you in gaining access to your “human potential.”

When you’re able to tap into your human potential you can achieve personal peak performance…not once, but over and over again.

It’s our belief that you can experience an exceptional quality of life filled with happiness, abundance, creativity, and fulfillment when you are able to access your true potential.

The net effect of cultivating your true potential is you’re then able to bring about positive social change and make a significant contribution to humankind.

Developing a Self Development Plan

The most effective tool in learning is a commitment. This involves the act of setting goals…writing down your goals down forces you to make a commitment.

A self development plan must always be flexible enough to allow for insights, new ideas and opportunities that can’t be planned in advance. When we begin our self development plan, we concentrate on the things that we “know we don’t know”, however along the journey we hit the territory of things that “we didn’t know we don’t know”, and we need to alter our course to take into account these new developments.

The fact that a plan can change is not a reason for not planning at all. By mapping the new direction of the journey, we have a powerful tool for reflection on the way we learn and develop which we can apply when we take on a new learning challenge.

Taking Action 

Everyday offers a new beginning; I strongly suggest, if you haven’t done so, creating a self development plan. Your plan should include information that you have gathered about yourself, any ideas or information that you have generated from your gathering.

Then you create a plan and the action steps that you need to achieve your plan. There are many forms that a plan can take; it can include pictures, graphs and colors or it can be dot points and tables.

Many people work well within a structure that includes:

  • A description of an end point – setting goals
  • Some strategies to reach that end point
  • Some milestones, i.e. small points of achievement along the journey that can be used as indicators of success and opportunities for celebration
  • Timelines to measure the journey
  • A reflection of your learning – evaluation.

As you browse around our virtual store you will find e-books, audios, single worksheets and a combination of them all.  They are all here to help you create a personal development plan so you can experience tremendous personal growth by setting goals and then exceeding them!

Please come back often as we are adding new material all the time.

Best of success and stay mentally strong!

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